What Do We Do With Your Items?

Tuesday, December 7th, 2021 by Brad Himenes

Most of our customers know us as the Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Company, but what do we do with your items once they are out of your home to ensure that we handle them as environmentally friendly as possible? 


Our first stop is always to attempt to donate the items. We have several different donation partners throughout town that we work with to donate whatever we can. This is the most eco-friendly option we have as the item is repurposed as is. This is also one of the best resources we have to help our community as well as this provides an opportunity for gently used items to have a new life in the hands of someone less fortunate. Not only is this great for the community and the environment but it's also great for our customers as we always have the donation receipt made out in their name so they are able to use it on their taxes.


Our second option is to recycle the items at a local recycler. This is generally how we dispose of items like tires, broken household appliances and old electronics. This is a less environmentally friendly option than donation as it does require energy to break down the items into the raw materials for them to be used again as well as the cost to ship the recycled items to and from recycling centers, but it is still much more eco-friendly than these items winding up in a landfill.  Recycled materials are also much more environmentally friendly as the raw materials do not need to be pulled from the ground such as raw metal for things like cans and oil for things like plastic. For a reference point, in order for the energy saved by recycling to be lost to the point of pulling the raw materials from the ground to make an aluminum can, that aluminum can would need to be transported by truck for over 103,000 miles! In other words, you could take a recycled aluminum can, transport it 4 times by truck around the Earth and it would still be less efficient to make a can from raw materials!


We at The Junkluggers take pride in our community and we love to see it as clean and healthy as possible, that is why we take donating and recycling so seriously. We would like Las Vegas to be as green and as clean as possible and every time we donate and recycle an item we know that we did right by our community, our customers and by ourselves.

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